Tuesday, 17 March 2015

17 Mac 2015 || 26 Jamadilawwal 1436H

Salam :)
ni post alya yg pertama lepas mak meninggal.
previous post.biarlah dlm kenangan :) 
this blog gonna be my space to spill all out.as well as i am the lonely one.i do need someone actually to tell whatsoever in this heart.
dulu, whatsoever story, its a must to tell mybelovedmum.
and now, there's nobody with me.as we know, everyone had their own problems.jd, xsampai hati pulak nk membebankn lg kwn2 :) jd, kena sambung menaip kat sini aje.

being alone at the age of 21 was the worst thing ever in my entire life.

With tears;

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